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Heartfelt Wows from Tracey's Clients

“Tracey Conway was terrific to work with. She was very professional and prepared. We were able to share unique needs of our audience prior to her appearance. She listened carefully to our needs and delivered with a funny, inspiring, mission-oriented message. She even surprised us with some local references that delighted the crowd. Our attendee surveys came back giving her consistently high marks. Many said she was the favorite part of a terrific event from start to finish."

Special Events Director
Go Red For Women Lexington
American Heart Association

Tracey’s Clients Include:

  • American Heart Association
  • Baylor University Medical Center
  • BECU Trust Company
  • Emory University Hospital
  • Health & Safety Institute
  • Hope Heart Institute
  • Medtronic Physio-Control Corporation
  • Merck & Co, Inc
  • Mercy Health Foundation
  • Methodist Health Foundation
  • National Swimming Pool Foundation
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
  • St. Vincent's Medical Center
  • UW Medicine Regional Heart Center

"Boy! Did our group LOVE you! I had 251 program feedback forms... you got 245 'Excellent,' ...WOW!"

Special Events Coordinator
St. Joseph Hospital, Peacehealth

“Tracey is ⅓ Ellen Degeneres, ⅓ Dr. Oz, ⅓ Lazarus and 100% worth her fee!"

VP of Marketing & Communications
Good Samaritan Hospital

“As an experienced cardiac nurse working in the area of resuscitation I have heard many survivor stories, but none has affected me more than Tracey’s. Although I have heard it many times over the years, she never fails to make it fresh, relevant, funny, emotional…and I still cry every time. She has expanded her medical knowledge so her audiences leave with more than just a story. She has an indomitable spirit that infects everyone she comes in contact with. I highly recommend her both professionally and personally.”

Senior Clinical Specialist, RN, BSN,
Physio-Control, Corp

"Tracey Conway knows how to deliver ... laughs, warmth, heart health education and a message that connects with mission. Our first-time MercyStrong event was as close to perfect as it gets. Tracey was the centerpiece of the evening and expertly led our guests to a successful "ask." Proceeds doubled that of previous events and friendships grew stronger. She definitely ranks high on our short list of excellent guest celebrities!"

Executive Director, MBA, CFRE,
Mercy Health Foundation

Tracey Conway was a wonderful addition to our Annual Fall Forum event. From the start, her preparation and organization put us at ease knowing that we picked the right speaker. Tracey showed up early to make sure everything was ready to go and took the time to get to know our staff and mingle with some of our clients. Her presentation was informative and heartfelt with the right amount of humor mixed in. We would definitely recommend Tracey to anyone who is looking for a speaker who will take the time to get to know you and your company to help ensure your event is a success.“

President and Senior Trust Officer
BECU Trust Company

"Tracey Conway knows how to make an impact! Her "Drop Dead Gorgeous!" was the perfect mix of humor that engaged attendees to laugh along while imparting the critical message of women's risk for heart disease and stroke. Tracey captured the audience from the moment she hit the stage with her peek behind the curtain of a comedy team's staging to sharing her delightful nervousness at preparing for her own big break on Oprah. Tracey was wonderful to volunteers and participants alike, her one-on-one interaction with a group of heart disease survivors after the event showed a rare quality that most performers lack: a genuine appreciation for other people's stories and experiences."

Vice President of Corporate Relations
Eastern North Carolina American Heart Association

"It was great! You accomplished more that day than any of us could with reams of research papers and statistics! While we may have been intellectually ready for your presentation at that Team-wide meeting, we were unprepared for the emotional involvement we experienced."

Medtronic Physio-Control Corporation

"Tracey was the keynote speaker at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital's "Women and Heart Disease." Tracey was phenomenal! She was forthright, funny and shared her story in a heartfelt manner so that all of the 200+ women present felt they knew her as a friend. The evaluations we received back gave Tracey the highest rating! Tracey is genuine, caring, effusive and one of the nicest and most professional presenters I have had the pleasure to work with on an educational/information event. For all these reasons, I highly recommend Tracey Conway as a presenter."

Director of Marketing
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

"Tracey was our keynote speaker for our 6th annual Go Red For Women Luncheon in Nashville, TN. Tracey was an inspiration - our guests laughed, they cried, and most importantly, they got it - the message that we had asked Tracey to deliver- women have to start taking action now to better care for their hearts. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Tracey as a funny, entertaining, and educational speaker!"

Senior Go Red For Women Director
The American Heart Association

"It was a great pleasure to work with Tracey. Everyone loved her! I never worked with a speaker as kind, accessible and as detailed organized. Her presentation was humorous, energetic and very poignant! She was also so genuine and kind to all the attendees. Please see some attendee comments from Beating the Odds below:

"Tracey, you’re amazing." "Tracey was great." "Inspirational and enjoyable." "Very genuine." "Fabulous." "Brilliant! Thank you for sharing such a heart felt story." "Very moving, great." "Terrific, terrific, terrific!"

Community Education Director, MBA, CHES
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

"Tracey helped us "Make Every Beat Count" at our annual Women's Health Focus. Our crowd of 500 women appreciated her message about taking care of our hearts. Tracey shared her serious message with lots of humor and grace. Her personal experience really made the presentation hit home. The evaluations we received from the event gave Tracey only the highest praise. All of us here at GRMC highly recommend Tracey. Her presentation will help make any event successful."

Director of Public Relations
Grinnell Regional Medical Center

“Tracey was absolutely the BEST speaker. Funny. . .entertaining. . . and knowledgeable. Kept the audience laughing, yet delivered a strong message of the serious issues surrounding heart disease among women. Her story of her own cardiac emergency survival is one that remains in the memory of her audiences around the country. Guaranteed to more than satisfy any speaking engagement.”

Operations Manager/ American Heart Training Center Coordinator
NKH LifeSafety, LLC

"Tracey very skillfully weaved together the stories that other presenters, before her, had shared with the audience, and that skill—to incorporate “localized” information and knowledge and bring it to light during her presentation—resonated deeply with our attendees and amplified Tracey’s personal story. Our audience felt deeply rewarded by listening to Tracey and by her willingness and sincere desire to interact with the audience members after the presentation."

Director, Community Relations
Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames Iowa

"She was wonderful. Tracey was all I expected and more. She was able to be a human face on Heart Disease and her story was heart tugging. You could hear a pin drop during her whole presentation, except when there was laughter. I would highly recommend her."

Foundation Program Coordinator
United Regional Health Care Foundation, Wichita Falls, Texas

"I want to compliment you on doing such a fantastic job at the luncheon. You are a captivating motivational speaker and one of the best that I've heard! Your sense of humor, intellect and emotions had everyone like putty in your hand. You touched all range of emotions and you are such a natural at speaking to an audience. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Trade Show and Meeting Management
Abbott Vascular

"You are the best person in the world to convey to others just what they/we MUST do and know.
You were wonderful, funny, poignant and smart! And, you had everyone's attention,
every minute."

Go Red for Women Committee Chair
American Heart Association, Midland, Michigan

"Our theme this year was to focus on the healing qualities of laughter. Your "Drop Dead Gorgeous!" presentation met
this goal by providing humor plus inspiration and education, while promoting a pro-active approach to heart-health
awareness. We received "rave" reviews for your experienced actor’s stage presence,
your graciousness and your genuine sincerity."

Development Director
St. Francis Foundation, Columbus, Georgia

"Much of our success was in large part due to the
lovely and witty Tracey Conway, our gracious
hostess. She had just the right mix of humor and
grace. The evening needed to move along but be
moving as well. Tracey did that with poise and
ease. She ad-libbed when needed, did a little
stand-up too, as requested - keeping the audience
smiling and entertained the entire evening. But what
I appreciated was that although she is this
wonderfully talented, award-winning, comedienne
who could take the spotlight, she has the confidence,
polish, class and sensitivity, enough to know the
evening was about other talented women too."

Women In Film, Seattle